skate of mind longboard burned logo

Custom Longboard Skateboards

Skate of Mind skateboards are skater created, skater designed, with the perfect ride in mind. Our new longboard series, Bonnie & Clyde are 56" / 46.5" long, 12ply Oregon birch with a branded Skate of Mind logo on the opposing side. Every complete longboard comes ready to ride with trucks, hardware, bearings, wheels and risers. Want your design on top? We offer clear grip tape on any board.

Barbara Potts, the owner of Skate of Mind has been part of the southern California skating scene since 2000. Back then, she created her own longboards out of her garage. Early designs changed and helped shape the longboards Skate of Mind offers today. Our unique longboards are built for cruising with style, here’s Barbara out for a cruise on Bonnie of the new Bonnie & Clyde series.